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We certainly hope you all had a very spooky Halloween! .... Does anyone else hear Christmas music?

Well GeoPlayers, it certainly seems as though The Social Update went down well, no major issues to report so that's always a good sign! I'm sure it will come as very welcome news to all of you that we are actually planning a public release of GeoPixel after this testing period, I'm currently aiming for a mid-late November release but we'll see how on track we stay!

Important Note - There have been a few reports of griefing, please contact myself (Valon) via Discord or in-game to report such instances. I'm currently working on a new report-mechanic however we really need to be vigilant and look out for other.

On to this weeks System Update!


  • Improved GeoProfiles - Players can now right-click Chibi's to view that players GeoProfile


  • Various bug fixes and optimazations.

With GeoPixel in it's fifth season, now being roughly a month in it's important to look back at our humble beginnings and look at how far we've all come. From a very basic concept grew something amazing, something that I''ve been very happy to share with you all!

However, we're not quite finished yet! Introducing "The Social Update"!

Hey there, everyone!

We're officially a month in to Season 5, and let me be the first to say how awesome it is to see all of your creations! I'm sure there's going to be lots in store for GeoPixel!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a major bug regarding GeoPlot expiration.


  • Several internal bug fixes and optimazations.

Hello there, GeoPlayers!

Hopefully you're all becoming accustomed to the new season, establishing your homes and starting to make a name for yourselves. It's crazy to think how we're at Season Five already!


  • Disabled the use of AFK fishing farms.
  • Several new GeoAchievements.


  • Several changes to the Chat Filter (please do not attempt to bypass, it's there for a reason)
  • Several changes to the Anti-Cheat.

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